How should I care for my Fakaros Jewelry?

Our attention to detail throughout the whole process, the passion to create something handcrafted and unique in order to see the smile on your face when you receive your Fakaros Jewelry piece, is what kept us going all these years.

Proper care and maintenance of your jewelry from your part too, will preserve their beauty and appearance.

When should I remove my jewelry?

It is advised to remove jewelry prior to cleaning, bathing and swimming and ensure that the jewelry is not exposed to UV light, hairspray, perfume and cosmetics. It is very important that you keep your jewelry dry. Harsh chemicals, chlorine and other elements such as sweat can lead your jewelry to tarnishing. Gold or platinum plated metals need extra care with humidity: never store your jewelry in the bathroom and if possible try to seal and store them in its Fakaros protective pouch.

How should I clean my Fakaros Jewelry?

Consider using periodically a jewelry polishing cloth to gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean of makeup and skin oils.

How should I store my Fakaros Jewelry?

When your jewelry are not worn, consider storing them separately, inside their original Fakaros Jewelry case or any suitably lined box or protective pouch, in order to avoid scratches and contact with humidity.

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