Our Philosophy

Since 1982, we operate our traditional Greek jewelry workshop in the heart of the historical center of Athens, where we get inspired by the beautiful architecture, the museums and the vibrant heritage of our city.

Since the very start of our journey, we dedicated ourselves to the delicate art found in ancient Greek and Byzantine jewelry and it has become since then the signature of Fakaros Jewelry. Our devotion to certain principles, to our philosophy and work ethics established us in the top of your preferences throughout all these years.

One of our principles is the commitment to our craft, to the skills that were acquired through hours of experimentation and hard work behind our jeweler’s bench. Our attention to detail throughout the whole process, the passion to create something handcrafted and unique in order to see the smile on your face when you receive your Fakaros Jewelry piece, is what kept us going all these years.

Keeping alive our Greek and Byzantine heritage, reviving all our Greek goldsmithing techniques such as hand hammering, granulation and filigree is what we are most passionate about and it has been our second principle. Since the very beginning we made a promise to ourselves to stay true to our craft, to our signature style and preserve the traditional handcrafted techniques that we have inherited from generation to generation for centuries now and we consider ourselves their guardians as they are hard to find now days.

Embracing our craft with an open mind, a young heart and a fresh perspective is our third principle. Enchanted by the heartbeat of our city we follow her rhythms. Athens, our eternal muse, has two sides: one side consists of its great cultural inheritance and the other is a modern and vibrant one, constantly changing, shifting and welcoming new influences. Inspired by her multifaceted nature , we stay true to our signature style on our classic pieces and we strive to combine the ancient and the modern in our latest collections.

With Fakaros Jewelry you get more than an item, you get a unique jewelry, a piece of knowledge, craftsmanship, hard work and attention to detail that goes for years now. We really enjoy working with 22K gold, 18K gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones.

Our mission is making your dreams come true, so we would love to work on a special project just for you! If you have a particular design on your mind do not hesitate to contact us info@fakarosjewelry.com for your next custom order! 

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