• Minimal Lapis Signet Ring


      Gold plated sterling silver minimal signet ring with lapis lazuli. Coin diameter: 15 mm x 10 mm.

    • Oval Pegasus Coin Signet


      Oxidized sterling silver signet ring with an ancient Greek replica coin with the winged horse Pegasus. Coin diam: 13 x 10 mm

    • Oxidized Bracelet with Lion and Ram Head


      Oxidized sterling silver bracelet with a double face closure featuring a ram and a lion head.

    • Philippos Coin Pendant


      Sterling silver flip pendant with a Philippos ancient Greek double-sided replica coin, available in two different coin casing platings: gold or platinum. Pendant dimensions: Height: 45 mm Width: 25 mm…

    • Philippos Coin Ring


      Sterling silver flip ring with a Philippos double-sided ancient Greek replica coin. Coin diameter: 15 mm

    • Ram Head Pendant


      Ancient Greek pendant with a ram head and motifs in oxidized sterling silver hanging from a black string. Pendant dimensions: Height: 25 mm Width: 13 mm

    • Small Lion Head Pendant


      Ancient Greek oxidized sterling silver pendant with a lion head. Pendant dimensions: Height: 20 mm Width: 19 mm

    • Sterling Silver Pan Signet Ring


      Ancient Greek sterling silver signet ring with the face of ancient Greek god Pan. Ring dimensions: Length: 20 mm Width: 13 mm

    • Zeus Coin Pendant


      Sterling silver pendant with gold plated details and a Zeus Ancient Greek replica coin. Pendant dimensions: Height 50 mm Width 35 mm

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